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July. August. September. Were they productive months for you? How about restorative? Maybe reflective? At Karl Bimshas Consulting, they were creative.

Below are ten resources we've been working on. No matter where you are on your leadership journey, aspirational, new, floundering, thriving, or retired, I'm sure you would agree that managing better, leading well, and acting on purpose, not by accident, is an evergreen effort.

I have two requests.

1. Check 'em out

2. Share 'em


First, browse through these ten resources from Karl Bimshas Consulting and let me know which ones are particularly helpful, cool, or if you have to be that way, stupid to you. I thrive on your feedback, and it helps improve future products and services.

Secondly, share the ones you like. Share them like crazy with your friends, colleagues, peers, and family members. Copy and paste the numbered resource and link on social media. Tag me, so I see it. Or forward this whole email with a "Saw this and thought of you" message up front.

Here's the thing, Karl Bimshas Consulting is a small business, and like many small businesses, 2020 has thrown some blows our way. What makes us unique is that we have the skills and resources to help other leaders rise to the challenges. You'll agree, this year could use some more good leaders.

Well, we help to create environments where good leaders outnumber lousy leaders. We encourage busy professionals like you to explore your strengths to improve your ability to manage better and lead well, and I could use your help spreading the word to your network. I know there are leaders and aspiring leaders we can help.​​​


1. 90 Day Review

Reflect on and capture what’s gone on in your life (or your organization) for the last 90-days. This is great for self-development and growth. Click Here => 90-Day Review Worksheet

2. How a Leader Apologizes

You made some mistakes over the summer months, didn't you? Here is my periodic reminder on how to apologize properly. When you goofed, do the following => Read LinkedIn Article

3. 2020 Strong with Leadershirts Plus

Most people agree that 2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year. This year can defeat you if you let. Instead, be a happy warrior and part of the team that grins and thrives. You’re beautiful. You’re powerful. You’re strong — 2020 STRONG.

Wear Your Leadership on Your Sleeve => Leadershirtsplus.com

4. The Disposable Journal

You know writing is a powerful communication tool. Did you also know it’s therapeutic? The Disposable Journal is the booklet-sized journal with a week’s worth of daily prompts, designed for you to take on your biggest challenges.

Write it Out and Let it Go Here => DisposableJournal.com

5. Leader's Tip Daily

"Leader's Tip" is a daily email delivered to busy professionals worldwide who benefit from the quick reminders, advice, and humor it takes to be a better leader. Sign up Here => Leaderstip.com

6. Strengthen Your Leadership

This free 7-Day email course will maximize the essential leadership skills that already exist within you.

Start Here => Strengthen Your Leadership

7. The Leadership Hotline

Leadership is lonely. If you need leadership or management advice, need to vent, or get a new perspective, use our Leadership Hotline. It's as easy as 123. Tell Me More => TheLeadershipHotline.com

8. Behavior | Motivation

Karl Bimshas Consulting offers several popular leadership behavior, motivation, and emotional intelligence assessments at very competitive prices. The DISC and MOTIVATORS combined report is a great place to start for better for self-knowledge.

Learn More => Combination Report Info

9. Perspectives Journal

Ready to simultaneously feel more peaceful and invigorated? This is a valuable tool you will want to check out. Challenge your perspectives so you can manage better and lead well. Order Your Perspectives Journal Here => Perspectives Journal

10. Recreational Reading

Leadership and productivity are fine and all, but sometimes you just want to read a quick story to take a break from it all. Get your mind focused on something else for a moment or two. Read stuff on my personal blog => KarlBimshas.com

Thanks for your help, {{ subscriber.first_name }}. I'm sure something from above will serve you or people you know, well.

Stay safe, keep advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams, and help others along the way.


Karl Bimshas Consulting

Leadership Advisor | Writer | Podcast Host​

P.S. Friends Don't Let Friends Become Lousy Leaders.

They introduce them to Karl Bimshas Consulting.

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