Accountability is a Great Thermostat

published3 months ago
2 min read

Want to change the temperature? Use accountability; it, like a thermostat, reduces the error from the set point. It performs actions so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired set point.

The conflict arises between those who refuse to acknowledge or agree to the set point or even a workable range. So everyone else has to sweat it out or feel frozen.

Don't let selfish people near the thermostat.

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Leadership Tools

I'm trying something new. I share many tools to help busy professionals like you to manage better and lead well, personally and professionally. The Leadership Tools series is an off-the-cuff, slightly deeper (five minute) dive into how to use selected leadership tools that Karl Bimshas Consulting offers. Most of my life has been more of a behind the camera directing and editing role. This year, I'll be in front of it more often. If you think it's awkward, imagine how I feel! My commitment is to approach video work the way I first "went public" with my writing. I'll put it out there and not be overly fussy with grammar and the urge for perfection. Instead, it's about the message - not the messenger. You can find in on YouTube here => Leadership Tools: Leadership Scorecard

Reflections on Leadership

If you are a regular listener of the Reflections on Leadership podcast, thank you. I will continue to publish short, easily consumable snippets of content, which are great if you are on the go. Or, as most listeners do, binge on several of them as you run along the beach. New listener? Welcome! Please like and share. Your reviews help make a difference. Listen on Your Choice of Podcast Platforms => Reflections on Leadership Podcast

Write it Out and Let it Go

This is a fantastic gift idea for your team, particularly with all the emotions around the past and current year. The Disposable Journal is a booklet-sized journal with a week’s worth of daily prompts, designed for you to take on your biggest challenges. This unique journal isn’t for writers to capture great prose. It’s for busy professionals who want to regain control of their emotions. I’ve been using this system on and off as life’s dramas have unfolded, and, to be honest; it seldom takes a full week to get me back on track. Order Your Journal Here => Disposable Journal

In the Works

I'm the type of writer who prefers to talk about a book after it's written, but many of you have asked what's next after "Give A Damn! which you can find here or contact me directly. I do have a few other projects brewing, both fiction and non-fiction. Candidly, the non-fiction is easier, so keep your eyes peeled later in the month. Still, the promotion of my existing books is pretty important, so check out some of my work. There's some good stuff already out there => Current Titles

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