Be The One That Remains Calm

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Be The One That Remains Calm

Here are some of the ways you can remain calm, confident, and focused on improving your leadership and that of those you lead.

In this update, you'll find ...

  1. Leader's Tip Daily
  2. Intention Planning
  3. Make Kindness a Habit, Not an Event
  4. Signs of Confident Leadership
  5. Flex Your Leadership Muscles
  6. Results-Based Delegation
  7. Successful Leaders

Despite the uncertainties, Karl Bimshas Consulting is committed to helping create environments where great leaders outnumber lousy leaders, and better leadership is the norm, not the exception. We encourage busy professionals like you to explore your strengths to improve your ability to manage better and lead well.

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Intention Planning

Many people have great intentions, but intentions are not good enough. You've got to put in some effort too. Don't stop at making an intention, which is no different from a wish. Instead, make it happen!

Here's how; act with purpose every time. For every meeting, interaction, and goal, have an objective and work toward its conclusion. Plan it out beforehand.

For many centuries we have been told that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Rather than merely setting your intentions for the day, pay attention, always have an objective and act deliberately.

Make Kindness a Habit, Not an Event

Want to be a better leader? Make kindness a habit, not an event. You know those videos that pull at your heartstrings because you witness someone doing something special and kind? Then you scroll through the comments and read things like, "faith in humanity restored," and "the world needs more people like you."

Maybe, that's the world telling you to act more like those people.

Don't worry about the clout or the vanity metrics; leave the phone in your pocket, listen, observe, and then help someone else know that they matter. Add the humanity back into your faith yourself, without expectation.

Signs of Confident Leadership

A few signs of confident leadership include;

You don't have to face your demons alone and in the darkness.

You are a human being with the capacity to feel deep sorrow and tremendous elation. You are allowed to cry with joy and pain. Your voice gives voice to countless others who look to you from distant corners, hunkered in their own shadows. You matter, you always have, regardless of the fury or doubt that may race through your veins.

Today you carry life's wet blanket, burdened by troubles of foggy origins. Stick with it. Some days you will bask in the sun with that blanket beneath you, and some days it will protect you against cold, cruel winds. Eventually, that blanket will become a tool for you to offer comfort and warmth to others. Until then, breathe, find your blessing, and reach forward. You are leading.

Flex Your Leadership Muscles

When you take a risk, you're going to screw up somewhere, and you'll learn something new.

When you take the initiative you're actively involved in creating potential.

When you take responsibility, you're not bound by convoluted lies, so you gain freedom.

When you take your own counsel, you're not oversharing and instead discover wisdom.

You might be rusty. Pick one of these and start practicing

Results-Based Delegation

Expecting people to anticipate your whim doesn't cut it anymore. Nor does the tired bleating of, "It's faster to do it myself."

No duh. The first time, but what happens when you're doing everything and delegating nothing? You're inefficient, and you're sliding into lousy leader territory. We don't need more lousy leaders.

Effective leaders don't delegate the hows in life; they delegate the whats. They are not overly concerned about the methods; however, they are intently focused on results.

Here is an insanely brief outline of Result-Based Delegation

Begin doing this, and your productivity will increase.

"But Karl, that looks like a lot of work."

Stop it. Follow these steps on the next task before you and the clarity you gain will either ensure you're pleased with your delegation, or you'll realize the task was not yet delegatable, and now you've saved someone else some time too

Successful Leaders

Are you following a successful leader?

Successful leaders listen and then articulate what is unspoken in the hearts of people. They initiate and drive plans that are in their interest. They recognize and demonstrate the best qualities of those they represent and, as hokey as it may seem to some, they possess overwhelming positivism because they know it works.

Are you acting like a successful leader?

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