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You’ve finally trained yourself to write things down, but maybe you keep losing those sticky notes, or you're endlessly flipping through the pages of your fancy “everything journal” trying to find the hidden gem. 

Instead, categorize your thoughts with any of these blank spiral notebooks. Make quick notes, or log detailed observations, and if you need to, tear a few pages out without any guilt.

Notebooks from Leadershirts Plus and Karl Bimshas Consulting

  • Keep track of all the things that bring you happiness in the Joy Journal.
  • Capture the great things you hear other people say throughout the day in your Quotes Journal.
  • Work through your decision making process on paper first with the Decisions Journal.

See how it works? Life is only complicated if you make it that way. 

Choose from the growing list of categorized notebooks from Karl Bimshas Consulting exclusively on

Each notebook is small enough to carry with you or keep on your nightstand for morning alignment or evening reflection.

Pick an area you want to concentrate on or default to the original Leadership Journal. Each 118-page spiral notebook with ruled line paper allows you to stay focused and capture your thoughts, learning moments, commitments, or inspirations.

Available Journals

Assumptions Journal - Things You Think You Know, But Aren’t Yet Proven

Communications Journal - Things To Say

Decisions Journal - Things to Resolve

Don’t Do Journal - Things Not Worth Your Time

Figure It Out Journal - Practice Resourcefulness

Joy Journal - Things That Bring Joy

Knowledge Journal - Things To Learn

Leadership Journal - Manage Better. Lead Well.

Quotes Journal - Things Others Have Said

Recognition Journal - People To Thank

Thoughts Journal - Things To Ponder

Wishes Journal - Things Desired

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