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You could use this time to get your eight ships in better shape -- because sailing through life rudderless isn’t a winning option.









Relationship - Are you authentic in all your relationships? Are all of your relationships where you want them to be, or are there some that you could improve? Are there people you sometimes want to throw overboard? Examine your relationships and surround yourself with the best crew possible.

Leadership - Everyone has the capacity to be a leader, be it of a household, company, or a little league team. Any organization of people needs a leader. Someone to set a vision, inspire movement, and encourage people along the way.

Ownership - Although material possessions don’t matter much in the big picture, when we work, scrape and save for something tangible, the basic pride of achievement is great. Are you taking take care of the things you own? Are you taking pride in ownership?

Citizenship - To function properly, a country needs good citizens. A population that educates itself, votes, serves as a jury to justice, contributes in ways big and small, is one that reports for duty, and takes the responsibility seriously. Are you a good citizen?

Stewardship - Stewardship is treating something that’s not yours as though it were and then leaving it with grace and hopefully in a better condition than you found it. What space do you currently occupy that can you make better?

Craftsmanship - Everyone does something well. It requires your head, heart, and hands, and it calls to you. Your work, in turn, speaks to others. Are you devoting time to your craft? Practice, hone, improve, excel?

Entrepreneurship - Do you create something from nothing? Do you fulfill an unmet want or need? How faithfully do you fill that need and be of service to others? How strong is your entrepreneurial spirit?

Followership - Without the follower, the leader fails; without a leader, followers perish. You must know when to lead and when to follow. When do you offer new ideas and solutions, and when do you support and respect existing ones? Do you follow others well?

Pay attention to the fleet of emotions that come with navigating each of these ships. Periodically inspect each hull and scrape the barnacles off from time to time. Send the ships out to explore uncharted waters. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE ASSESSMENT

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