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published5 months ago
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A betting person might feel secure in thinking that the fourth quarter is when most people are planning for the next year, setting their budgets, and making decisions on personal and professional goals and improvements. I reflect on what I’ve accomplished and where I’ve fallen short, and make decisions about what I want to do differently next year, and get a jump start on it.

One would think the fourth quarter would be when people searching for an accountability partner, leadership coach, or business consultant would be most active. You would think it’s my busiest time of the year. It’s not.

Yes, 2020 is unique, but honestly, the fourth quarter has never been my busy season. Traditionally, I see upticks in demand for my services and products between February and April. Weird, right?

Well, all the holiday malaise evaporates by then, and it’s right after the corporate Kick-off meetings take place, and people closer to the frontline have their “aw-crap” moments. Many limp through the first quarter, and at the beginning of the second quarter, they get their act (and funding) in gear. I specialize in turning aw-craps into a-has. Check out the company logo. If you haven’t noticed yet, we help you find the a-ha within.

Now, I don’t particularly like having a light fourth quarter and then a harried second quarter. I want people to be strategic in their thinking for their business, their leadership development, and their personal goals. Alas, people, by and large, are busy this time of year and don’t give it the thought it deserves. Super high achievers have already set, or at minimum drafted, their ideas in September. In my experience, most people and organizations aren’t there yet, and it bums me out. While I have progressive leanings, I am a capitalist, and the market doesn’t demand me until next year. It’s been that way for over a decade.

This year, I planned accordingly, and with the unfortunate help of a global pandemic, I have had time to pursue writing projects, old and new: no suits and ties or debonair unbuttoned dress shirts and sports coats for me during this period. I’ve been in tee-shirts, mostly from and hoodies, with a baseball cap and unkempt facial hair. My fingers have both hovered over and frenetically danced across my keyboard. My printer now burns through ink, and I burn through coffee as I pursue my “process” of writing, rewriting, editing, reading, rewriting, swearing, tossing sheets of paper soaked in red ink into the trash, then repeat. For me, this fourth quarter is all about creating. Like an apple tree, some ideas will not bear fruit for many years. Other ideas planted in the garden have sprouted and are ready for harvest, and similar to the first little piggy, one project is nearly ready for market. (You can read about the DAMN book below.)

I do not want to leave you with the impression that I have no client work because I do. Though, like many, I have felt a reduction and have had to make adjustments. This new mix of intense creative writing for entertainment and business writing for leadership development is thrilling. However, I prefer clients who seek personal or professional leadership development and accountability now, when they first think about it, not 3-5 months from now when they desperately need it to avoid career derailment. Therefore, I would appreciate your help with referrals for Karl Bimshas Consulting. There’s a link to a form at the bottom of this message you can use to guide friends and colleagues my way. If not that, check out some of my writing, that would be helpful.

Now, how can I be helpful to you?

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Your Invitation: GIVE A DAMN!

I've got a new book coming out soon, and as a loyal subscriber, I wanted to give you this sneak-peek preview. I've created a special limited-edition run prior to official launch for people like you who may want to be first in line. It's called, GIVE A DAMN! How to Lead Better. It's a short, inspirational picture book illustrated by Marija Djaković, calling on those who lead to do a better job.

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Calibrate Your Personal Compass

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Write it out and let it go

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