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Last week I celebrated my birthday, and as I was reminiscing, as one does on such an occasion. It occurred to me that many readers of my work and followers of Karl Bimshas Consulting may be curious as to how my business started.

Cue the Origin Story.

Do you remember the business environment in 2008? It was a big transition year, with a presidential election filled with uncertainty and the financial markets beginning to collapse. Layoffs started ramping up, and newly formed consultants flooded the marketplace with old advice. I recall witnessing panicky business owners reaching for all the latest leadership books like whirling dervishes, trying to find a way to navigate themselves out of trouble.

These business owners were desperate to find the “secret sauce” that, when liberally applied, would magically solve their problems. It got me thinking -- A1 Steak Sauce tastes differently on a hamburger than it does on a pork chop. For that matter, I imagined it would be dramatically different on an oven-baked cod. That is when it dawned on me; the same sauce does not always work in every situation.

Each organization has a unique culture, so it stands to reason how not every solution offered in a book or seminar will work equally well, if at all. Most professionals do an okay job revisiting their vision, mission, and values, but few incorporate them in day-to-day operations. I thought professionals needed a system that contained a set of tools, instruments, models, and ultimately, a way of thinking. A good methodology collects universal management truisms, takes advantage of trends and technology changes, and then customizes them in a way that works in the leader’s current environment. I created the skeleton for that and named it: The Leadership Guidance System. In early 2009, I joined the ranks of those laid off, but I was excited, perhaps naively giddy, that I would soon be able to test my theories with my new business.

When you first start out on your own, capturing the money seems like the most important thing. So, I chased after the existing contacts I had who needed help on what amounted to glorified administrative support. Building PowerPoint slides, ghostwriting speeches, organizing, and promoting webinars paid okay but didn’t leave me feeling like I was making a dent in the universe.

One of my newsletter subscribers reached out to me for general career guidance and life coaching. It was the first time I was able to deploy my idea of The Leadership Guidance System. It was such a success for her that she raved about me to her abundant personal and social media friends. Soon I was booked with appointments from first-time managers and fledgling entrepreneurs. Not all of them wanted to pay for my services, but each meeting provided me with more feedback on tools to either incorporate or trash. My idea began to illustrate the importance of keeping the system evergreen, to be flexible, to match individual context, and to evolve over time.

Leadership has not changed much over thousands of years of practice. Despite modern interpretations of the ancient teachings of the Stoics, religious texts, Zun Tzu’s Art of War, or even the works of Machiavelli, busy managers today are challenged to take the time to relearn the unwavering fundamentals and discern which principles apply to them and their particular situation. Like a sommelier pairs wine with food, I founded my company to help busy professionals match the most appropriate leadership styles with their unique circumstances to achieve the best results for their employees, customers, financial bottom line, and themselves.

That remains true today.

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This past week has reinforced servant-leadership as the better course at this time.

  1. We know that people of narrow soul and intellect often become selfish, mean, arrogant, and indifferent to the feelings and rights of others, thus make lousy leaders.
  2. We know that science and fact are indifferent to convictions or strongly held opinions.
  3. Wreckless theatrics are no substitute for calm and decisive leadership.
  4. Regardless of your fatigue or frustration, it’s important for your health and the health of others to remind yourself that, “The pandemic isn't over just because you're over it.” Continue to wear face coverings, keep your distance, wash your hands frequently, and care for your health.

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