Is it Unsurmountable, or Merely Inconvenient?

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I had recently lost my enthusiasm for a project I was working on and found myself whining aloud to my teenage son. Eventually, I paused to receive what I thought might be commiseration.

Instead, he exclaimed, “Well, find it! And if you can’t find it, do it anyway; push through until you’re done.”

His nonsentimental reminder is something I appreciated, and we all need to hear a little more often.

Yes, self-care and maintaining our boundaries are essential aspects of modern living. However, we sometimes let ourselves off the hook too quickly. We delude our mind into thinking the challenges before us are unsurmountable when they are merely inconvenient. Or we worry about hurting other people’s feelings without thinking of our own and how our actions chip away at our integrity to help someone else feel better. We dramatically overestimate our recovery time for mild or uncomfortable exertions.

When we pursue a creative task, we think things like schedules and commitments are the enemy instead of the required tools that help make our visions and aspirations come to fruition.

When you are tired, you should rest; when you hurt, you should make time to heal. Unfortunately, far too often, we think the salve comes from reclining and staring into a blue screen when the remedy is found through the activity of your mind or body.

Do more physical and mental exercise. You know in your heart that you have rested enough. Now, do something.

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