Kindness Can Be Profitable

published5 months ago
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There are 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S.

  • 81%, or 25.7 million, have no employees, and 19%, or 6 million, have paid employees.
  • There are 20,139 large businesses.

Big businesses are doing just fine. Small businesses of all types need your assistance.

When you shop small, your money is often reinvested back into the community, not a bank.

How does your leadership fit into this?

Self-leadership counts as leadership, as much as one-on-one, team, and organizational leadership. Sometimes these require outside intervention if only to validate your thinking.

Or maybe your thinking is the problem.

Either way, Karl Bimshas Consulting creates environments where great leaders outnumber lousy leaders, and better leadership is the norm, not the exception.

Ready to support small business, manage better, and lead well?

Go to and start a leadership goal-setting conversation.

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Newest Book

I want to give you a sneak-peek preview of my newest book. I've created a special limited-edition run prior to official launch for people like you who may want to be first in line. It's called, GIVE A DAMN! How to Lead Better. It's a short, inspirational picture book illustrated by Marija Djaković, calling on those who lead to do a better job.

Learn More Here =>

Reflections on Leadership

Leadership advisor, writer, and no BS accountability partner, Karl Bimshas, shares quick reflections on leadership, and interviews other busy professionals, to challenge your perspective, provide inspiration, and give insights to help you manage better and lead well. Listen on Your Choice of Podcast Platforms => Reflections on Leadership Podcast

Calibrate Your Personal Compass

People who get lost forget to look at their dependable set points. When you’re overwhelmed by the changes occurring around you, look for the certainties in your life. If you can pinpoint these directions, you're not lost. Download your Free Personal Compass Worksheet

The Disposable Journal

The Disposable Journal is a booklet-sized journal with a week’s worth of daily prompts, designed for you to take on your biggest challenges. This unique journal isn’t for writers to capture great prose. It’s for busy professionals who want to regain control of their emotions. I’ve been using this system on and off as life’s dramas have unfolded, and, to be honest; it seldom takes a full week to get me back on track. Order Your Journal Here => Disposable Journal


The Children's Holiday Magic Project. I'm excited to be involved with this charity and this fundraising event. Children's Holiday Magic brings smiles, stories, and songs to children who are hospitalized over the holidays. Please check out the virtual gala, "An Evening of Holiday Magic: Unplugged," which includes musical performances, a voice actor table read of "A Caring Rescue," and an online auction. Event Details => An Evening of Holiday Magic: Unplugged

You'll be faced with many choices this week. Remember to choose kindness. Please take the necessary and recommended precautions to stay safe.

Keep advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams, and help others along the way.

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