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publishedabout 2 months ago
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Today seems like a good day to remind you of LeadershirtsPlus.com and the heart-centered sentiments for servant leaders you can find there.

Leadershirts Plus

Love is stronger. You know this. You've felt this. So don't you think it's time to lead with it? The "It's my way or the highway," style of leading is outdated, ineffective, and weak. Think like a servant leader and lead with love. It's stronger. => Checkout LeadershirtsPlus.com

In this update, you'll find ...

  1. Informal Poll
  2. Short Story
  3. Write it Out and Let it Go
  4. Leadership in Crisis
  5. Read to Communicate Better?

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Informal Poll

Informal poll. Consider your attitude and where you put your focus. Based on the grid below, where do you spend most of your time?

Informal Poll

No judgment, simply reply to this email with the number box you choose.

Short Story

If you've been trudging along in the corporate world, this may feel familiar. "Kevin Turtle Decides to Have a Great Year," is a quick parable with much needed tips on how to transform your wishes into actionable goals. To download the ebook (PDF and EPUB) along with the audio version read by the author, Click Here => Kevin Turtle Decides to Have a Great Year

Kevin Turtle Ebook

Write it Out and Let it Go

Have you seen the latest video promoting the Disposable Journal yet? Check it out! You can order your Disposable Journal at Leadershirts Plus => Disposable Journal

Leadership In Crisis

If you enjoy my writing and want to improve your leadership, please checkout my newest book, “An Unusual Year; Leadership in Crisis.” t's now available on Amazon and with your help can race up the Best Sellers Ranks in Business Management, Leadership & Motivation, and Motivational Self-Help. Order your copy today! => An Unusual Year; Leadership in Crisis

An Unusual Year

Ready to Communicate Better?

Refresh your self-awareness with a combined DISC and Motivators Assessment. Ordinarily, Karl Bimshas Consulting offers the two reports for $110. However, you can receive this combination report for only $87.

Click here to learn more => DISC/MOTIVATORS ASSESSMENT

As the global pandemic continues to wreck havoc do stay safe and show leadership where you can. Wear a mask, get your vaccination when possible, treat people with dignity, keep advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams, and help others along the way.

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