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  • Will you better lead yourself, your team, your organization, or your business through unusual times? (You NEED to.)

  • Are you better suited for leadership or management? (Yes, they’re different.)

  • Do you have a documented Leadership Development Plan. (Instead of endlessly talking about it.)

  • Are your vision, mission, and values aligned? (If not, that could be why you feel like crap.)

  • Are your goals any good? (Vague goals get vague results.)

  • Do you have courage and moral leadership? (How do you know, do you use a Leadership Scorecard?)

  • Do you have a “story (Learn how to draft your leadership point of view.)

  • Do you have a User Guide? (Give the people who work with you a fighting chance to succeed.)

“Strengthen Your Leadership Without Becoming a Jerk” is a Leadership Workbook from Karl Bimshas Consulting that has worksheets and tools to help you find your answers to the questions above and more!

Oh, and you can get it for free at LearnFromKarl.com

The world needs better leaders. What about you?

Karl Bimshas | Karl Bimshas Consulting

Become a better leader without being a jerk with this Boston-bred, California-chilled Leadership Advisor, Writer, & Podcast Host

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