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Here are the top five most popular posts from Karl Bimshas Consulting in 2022! You'll find practical tips and strategies for improving your leadership performance.

From how to handle verbal attacks spewed from lousy leaders to the importance of soliciting employee opinions and valuing their perspectives. Learn to better use compassion, recognition, accountability, and persistence, and possess service, integrity, dignity, and empathy. Finish off by examining the five ways promising leaders derail their careers.

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7 Verbal Attacks From Lousy Leaders

Learn how to handle verbal attacks from lousy leaders with these 7 tips and responses.

Your Employees May Hate You Less If You Do This

Improve employee satisfaction by soliciting their opinions and valuing their perspective as a leader.

Leadership C.R.A.P.

Leadership C.R.A.P.: Compassion, Recognition, Accountability, and Persistence are key to being an effective leader.

This S.I.D.E. of Leadership

The S.I.D.E. of Leadership: Service, Integrity, Dignity, and Empathy can help you be an effective leader and avoid common mistakes.

Five Ways Promising Leaders Derail Their Careers

Are you sabotaging your own leadership success? Learn the five ways promising leaders derail their careers, including betraying personal trust, selfish ambition, and arrogance.

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