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published5 months ago
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If you've never been a client and never plan to work with Karl Bimshas Consulting, this behind-the-scenes announcement may not interest you.

Nonetheless, I'm excited to share the new client service tool we've added to Karl Bimshas Consulting. It's an online portal we've named LYDERIS, and it brings an enormous upgrade to our leadership coaching engagements and future membership accounts.

Whether you're a part of one of our popular Accountability Partnering Programs, a devoted long-term coaching client, or want to become a member of our growing leadership library, there's now one place to go. A walled garden free from the distraction (and lunacy) of Facebook groups and other public forums.

You'll find a personalized and private stream of your interactions with Karl Bimshas Consulting. No more hunting through old emails with links to insightful tools.

Easily accessible via the desktop or your smartphone, Lyderis offers

  • a single place to find relevant worksheets and resources,
  • create a dashboard of leadership development or accountability actions,
  • track performance on areas you want to improve,
  • set coaching and consulting sessions as needed.

Click the video below for a 2-minute and 26-second tour of some features. It's another way Karl Bimshas Consulting centers offerings around busy professionals who want to manage better and lead well.

And if you've wanted to schedule a time to talk but haven't made it a priority yet, you can do that here.

Please share your thoughts. I'd love your feedback. In the meantime, keep advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams and helping others along the way.

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