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Despite knowing it when they see it, people often ask, “what makes a good leader?” It is important to note that leadership capability runs along a continuum, less based on time and experience and more on situations encountered. Many newly minted leaders can possess an ideal leader’s traits, and many established leaders can rank very low.

Karl Bimshas Consulting defines lousy and ideal leadership in the context of three factors. The current environment, The needs of the times. The consensus of others.

The Leadership Scorecard captures a snapshot of a leader’s observable skills, confidence, and character. From this, we can glean valuable insight for assessing growth opportunities, monitoring development, and roughly determine if the leader is currently worth following.

There are five key leadership traits with a range of options.

  1. To what degree is the leader situationally aware? Are they tone-deaf, or do they grasp the moment?
  2. To what degree is the leader curious? Do they seek provocation, or do they seek clarification?
  3. To what degree is the leader stewardship-minded? Are they self-serving, or do they serve others?
  4. To what degree is the leader empathetic? Do they have little to no empathy, or are they explicitly empathetic?
  5. To what degree is the leader educating? Do they supply dogma, or do they provide insight?

This short profile can quickly codify the current perceived skill levels of a leader. As with any candid photo, an inferred story emerges; however, no single measure ever tells the complete story. We all know cropping, lighting, a shift in angle, and filters can dramatically alter any picture. The longer the period of observation and refinement or the five elements, Situational Awareness, Curiosity, Stewardship-minded, Empathy, and Educating, the more reliable the assessment.

Karl Bimshas Consulting shares tools to help busy professionals manage better and lead well, personally and professionally.

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