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published6 months ago
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Here are some quick updates from Karl Bimshas Consulting.

The 300th Reflections on Leadership Podcast is posted. You can find it wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Browse through the catalogue here =>

There are new downloadable worksheets in the Karl Bimshas Consulting Resource Library. "My Goal Planner Worksheet," "Creative Thinking Worksheet," "Self-Management Satisfaction," and, "Your Customer Satisfaction Process," are a few titles you might find helpful. These and others are available under the Resources menu here =>

Workbooks, Journals and Inspirational Compendiums abound! Over 20 titles available; see if any make sense for you or your team. Take a look =>

Leadership Coaching. Smart professionals are continuing to invest in their personal and leadership development because they realize it's one of the easiest ways for them to stay ahead of the changes and challenges of this young decade. For those who are ready for a refresh, learn about Karl Bimshas Consulting's Style of Leadership Development and Accountability =>

Community Highlights: Meet Karl Bimshas. SDVoyager Profile =>


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