Three Days In. How'd it Go?

published4 months ago
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The beginning of the year is an excellent time to purge the things you don't want to carry forward. You could have done that in December, but face it, many people procrastinate. One of the things to cut loose is email subscriptions that no longer interest or serve you, including this one. If you're not getting any value, education, or entertainment from the messages Karl Bimshas Consulting sends you, by all means, cut ties.

This seems like a good time to remind you what Karl Bimshas Consulting does, why, and how.

Karl Bimshas Consulting is the Leadership Development and Accountability firm I founded in 2009. We advise busy professionals on essential leadership development and accountability skills, so they become confident, competent, and valuable leaders in their field without becoming jerks.

We help create environments where great leaders outnumber lousy leaders, and better leadership is the norm, not the exception.


By encouraging busy professionals like you to maximize your existing strengths, look at things differently, and provoke positive change by applying clear vision, passion, and action to each endeavor, so that you contribute a greater piece of yourself to the world.

New and established managers, executives, and business owners improve their decision-making in ways that support their values, purpose, and vision. As a subscriber, you get insights and tools, straightforward leadership models, styles, and behavior suggestions delivered to your inbox.

If you prefer to HEAR these messages, The Reflections on Leadership Podcast covers many of them in quick, digestible bites.

We follow the work in public philosophy, which is focused on transparency. You'll know when we are experimenting with something new, how it's going, and if we think it's succeeding or failing. That comes in the form of the Leadership Programs, Webinars, and other Projects we promote throughout the year.

Leadershirts Plus is the vehicle for many of these experiments. It is the online store for heart-centered people looking to find t-shirts, mugs, gifts, and books with servant leadership sentiments.

Speaking of books, you can find a dozen or so I've authored on Amazon and online bookstores. There are a few other titles that I know are valuable for teams and organizations.

  • The Disposable Journal is a useful tool for Human Resource Professionals to add to their EAP arsenal or for Healthcare workers to vent their frustrations privately.
  • Perspectives is a great 30-day tool for teams who need to challenge their viewpoint before embarking on something new.
  • Give a Damn!, my latest book is small and mighty. A quick read for executive teams and an excellent gift for Kick-off events, or thank you's for your vendors.

Bulk orders are available for all my books. Contact me directly for the very best pricing.

I have many more books left in me to write; as a subscriber, you'll see some of those pages before other readers. You also play a pivotal role in designing and refining the products and services Karl Bimshas Consulting offers. Participating in our periodic surveys and feedback sessions makes us ensure what we offer has value to you.

Of course, we still offer individual leadership and business coaching, and with the added ubiquitous of video calls, we aren't constrained to San Diego and Boston. There are individual executive coaching sessions and organizational leadership consulting opportunities. Being a subscriber, you'll see which are available and when.

Value Alignment

Whenever the character of a team changes, it's good to review your team charter, so everyone is aligned with the values and agrees on the goals going forward.

Here are Karl Bimshas Consulting's Values.

  • Leadership – Like water, leadership can take many forms. We prefer those who demonstrate strong moral character and the confidence to lead, follow, and teach.
  • Love – The antidote to indifference, fear, and hate is love, and it is the foundation of our interactions.
  • Candor – We communicate openly and honestly, even when the subject is difficult.
  • Creativity – We supply imagination and inventiveness to solve problems and produce results.

Do we align? I hope so. If you have the appetite to manage better and lead well in 2021, I believe you'll find Karl Bimshas Consulting to be a useful resource for you.

I'm looking forward to a year filled with better leadership.

Keep advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams, and help others along the way.

Thank you,


Karl Bimshas Consulting

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