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Wanna Try Something New?

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Hello Reader,

You know leadership development is important, not only for work but in general. Let's face it, for the world to run better, the world needs better leaders. So whether you're an aspiring leader, new to leadership, or well-established but in need of a renewal, this is for you.

Karl Bimshas Consulting is beta testing a subscription service to access our growing Leadership Library.

What does that mean?

  • Invitations to subscribe are issued in small lots and the monthly subscription is likely to be in the $47 per month range, but inaugural members will be eligible to try out one month for only $25.

  • Subscribers gain access to Lyderis, our leadership coaching portal, which holds a growing collection of worksheets, assessments, and other leadership tools we use to coach and consult busy professionals to help them become confident, competent leaders in their field without becoming jerks.

  • Subscribers don't have to be clients to access these tools, but they will get 10% off engagement fees should they choose to become one. That savings extends to our popular online assessments like DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Motivators, and Leadership360.

No Obligation - Just Gauging Interest

  • If this interests you, reply to this email with YES, and in a few days you will receive an invitation to join.

  • If this is a hard pass for you, reply to this email with NO, and I will ensure you do not get any email messages about this subscription offer again.

This is a new model for Karl Bimshas Consulting and we would like thoughtful, interested leaders and aspiring leaders to help build a new community where those who have the desire will have access to the tools to help them manage better and lead well.

Regardless of your choice, continue to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and help others along the way.


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Karl Bimshas | Karl Bimshas Consulting

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