What can you do to help make a positive difference in the life of another?

publishedabout 2 months ago
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We can’t always define what seemingly insignificant actions will make a difference in another’s life and which ones won’t, but that doesn’t mean we should stop. Realism may tell us there’s nothing we can do to affect change. But, realism coupled with faith nearly always creates a change.

What can you do to help make a positive difference in the life of another?

Perspectives is a 30-day journal you can use to reflect on your current beliefs, challenge your assumptions, and better know yourself. Each day, you get something to think about and an action to take. Hopefully, after 30 days of this, you learn ways to manage better, lead well, and act on purpose, not by accident.

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Whichever method you choose, I hope you take advantage of viewing your world differently over the next 30 days.

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Kevin Turtle

"Kevin Turtle Decides to Have a Great Year," is a quick parable with much needed tips on how to transform your wishes into actionable goals. To download the ebook (PDF and EPUB) along with the audio version read by the author.

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The Disposable Journal

The Disposable Journal is a tool I created several years ago to help people turn their whining into something productive. Forward this to your friends in the H.R. or Wellness community. They will appreciate the resource! You can order your Disposable Journal at Leadershirts Plus => Disposable Journal

An Unusual Year

You can grab my latest book, “An Unusual Year; Leadership in Crisis.” on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine booksellers.

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