Hi Reader,

I want this to be the year you improve your leadership performance.

There’s a reason the term leadership has become maligned.

  • When we see lousy leadership continue without accountability, it builds mistrust.
  • It is disheartening when we see supposed experts bilk small businesses out of thousands of dollars for ephemeral, feel-good solutions rather than customized beneficial results that they stand by.
  • Skepticism festers when the things you want to see change don’t.

Do not allow 2023 to stymie you. Lead, follow or get out of the way remains good advice.

Leadership is not reserved for the chosen few. You find superb leaders at every level of every organization in every industry. They may not have the title nor consider one important - the great ones don’t care; they keep leading.

Our vision at Karl Bimshas Consulting is to create environments where great leaders outnumber lousy leaders, and better leadership is the norm, not the exception, in businesses, homes, charities, and capitals throughout the nation.

Whether you shore up your skills with the audio, written, or video leadership resources we offer; become a member of our leadership library, engage in coaching or formalized leadership consulting, or if you decide to work with someone else, I hope you become a confident, competent leader in your field, without becoming a jerk.

Here's to a joyful new year! Keep advancing in the direction of your dreams, and help others along the way.


Karl Bimshas

Leadership Advisor | Writer | Podcast Host

Karl Bimshas Consulting

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Karl Bimshas | Karl Bimshas Consulting

Become a better leader without being a jerk with this Boston-bred, California-chilled Leadership Advisor, Writer, & Podcast Host

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